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Mon Apr 10 21:12:03 CDT 2006

Mattias Thorslund wrote:
>> On Mon, 2006-04-10 at 11:43 -0700, Mattias Thorslund wrote:
>>> I'm looking for an open-source (perhaps PHP/MySQL) calendar server
>>> solution in order to share calendars and task lists within my work
>>> group. Have searched on sourceforge, and googled as well, but I seem to
>>> turn up only dead/stale projects or "just started" ones.
> Thanks, but not quite... I'm more looking for something where the people
> I work with can check my schedule. I also plan to put my daily tasks on
> the calendar so people can see what I plan to work on that day.

You could go the emerging "microformats" route and make a feed of your 
schedule stream that they can subscribe to in their scheduling apps 
(desktop or web-based):

Here's an example implementation at technorati:

"Enter the URL of a page with hCalendar event information...to 
automatically get (or subscribe to) the events on that page into your 
calendar program."

Here is a brief discussion of how this might work:
(using hCalendar, x2v calendar parsing tool, and hCalendar creator)

Here is a bit more about microformats in general:

Basically, it expands upon the vCard data format concept to create wide 
standards for other things like event data, list data, polling/voting 
data, social network data et cetera.

Might be a bit overblown and/or avant garde for your needs, but who 
knows...hope it helps anyway.


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