[thelist] Javascript RTE spell checker

ben morrison morrison.ben at gmail.com
Tue Apr 11 05:42:37 CDT 2006

Has anyone come across a good spellchecker for Rich Text Editors?

We are using ASP. Must be Cross Browser and No client install required.

i've found one for the freetextbox[0] editor which we are using, but
this is in ASP.NET [1]. I quite like the way gmail works but IE Live
works better - apart from being IE only[2]

I could look at building this from scratch and this is what I think it
would entail.

a: Find a spelling dictionary to download (english-uk for now)
b: Check spelling whilst user types using the space button as the
 request  - would you load the dictionary into an array and check this
or do an ajax request each space bar press?
c: onclick show alternative spellings and option to add to each users
d: Auto-check when user pastes into textbox.

[0] http://freetextbox.com/default.aspx
[1] http://www.loresoft.com/Applications/NetSpell/Articles/285.aspx
[2] http://ideas.live.com/

Thanks, Ben.

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