[thelist] Domain Transfer Legalities...Need opinions

M. Seyon evoltlist at delime.com
Tue Apr 11 11:45:28 CDT 2006

Personal opinion. Legalities aside.

Given the history you've described, I do not think the customer is entirely 
blameless, and would be quite wary of working with him.

If you do end up working with him, I would further state that since loss of 
the domain was due to no fault of yours, he must bear full costs (including 
legal fees and consultations) required to secure it.

Good luck.


Message from Scott W. (4/11/2006 10:50 AM)

>I have a customer who had his domain purchase back in July 2005 by
>another service which he paid & then left...he then picked up one of
>my competitors to design his site.  my competitor then dropped the
>ball & never got the site up within a reasonable amount of time...so,
>my customer switched to me...
>What's everyone's take on this?  I'm trying to advise my customer,
>plus get an idea of what actions I can take since he snagged the
>domain from my account & flagged me from it through his registrat.

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