[thelist] Site check please....

Rob Agar robagar at westnet.com.au
Tue Apr 11 18:37:08 CDT 2006

hi Jay,

Ian Anderson wrote:
> 1. Visual design/UI convention:
> I think the navigation tabs extending downwards are a design error. The
> visual language here suggests that the material in pink is being
> labelled, when in fact it is the material in white. I think that this is
> an abuse of a UI convention, and that it would probably be better to put 
> the tabs the right way out. (extending upwards from the related content 
> into the header area)

I think your upside down tags are unusual, but it's perfectly clear what 
their function is, so that's OK. Sometimes it is worth bending the rules 
a bit to give a site some individuality.

Ian's points 2-7 are spot on though :)


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