[thelist] Form submit to popup?

Robert Carpenter evolt at thebigcrux.com
Wed Apr 12 10:23:17 CDT 2006

> Interesting, works fine in IE6 on W2K, but on XP it opens two windows,
> both of which are called "newWin", the undecorated one is blank.  The
> target attribute is not reusing any windows in XP, if you click the
> button again, you get two more windows.

That is interesting! I was about to post an apology to the list for wasting
bandwidth, because I found that it was only failing on a machine which had
IE7b2 installed, but not any of the other 'clean' windows machines I later
tested on. Do you by any chance have IE7 loaded on your XP machine?

Also, I can verify that I was just plain wrong on the Safari 2 failure - it
was failing because that box had javascript disabled. Sigh...first post to
the list in over a year and just plain wrong...


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