[thelist] WordPress comment spam

Paul Waring pwaring at gmail.com
Thu Apr 13 04:07:39 CDT 2006

What do people on thelist recommend to help stop comment spam on
WordPress? I have six or seven blogs at the moment, and some of them
are getting 50+ spams a day that aren't being caught by the built-in
moderation queue. Ideally I want something that will hold comments
rather than delete them, as I've had one or two occassions where a
genuine message has been put into the moderation queue.

I want to avoid using third party services (e.g. Akismet), as I don't
trust them to be around forever or not to start charging, nor do I
want to introduce captchas - partially for accessibility reasons, but
also because they annoy the hell out of me when I see them on other
sites. I'm also running a mixture of 1.5.2 and 2.0.x blogs, so I need
a plugin that works on both if possible.

Thanks in advance,


Data Circle

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