[thelist] Ajax or other widget

ben morrison morrison.ben at gmail.com
Thu Apr 13 10:11:22 CDT 2006

On 4/13/06, Jay Blanchard <jblanchard at pocket.com> wrote:
> Does anyone know right off of the bat a widget that will display text in
> a block fade out and then fade in with new text....the text will be
> bullet points and I need the amount of bullet points to be scalable? I
> really need something I can plug-in as I have a need for a meeting that
> is approaching at 1pm CST. Does anyone know of anything ready-to-go like
> this so to speak?
> Thanks very much in advance!

Is there any need for AJAX? using JS libraries should solve your
needs, depenss on wether you need to make server calls....



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