[thelist] StatCounter to mine more detail

Tom Schmidt ildenizen at insightbb.com
Sun Apr 16 09:35:19 CDT 2006

I am using StatCounter to measure the hits my site gets.  So far I am pleased with the information.  However, on  several of my pages, I am using javascript to have the user select certain product images/descriptions/prices in order to purchase.  I am interested in seeing which products are being selected most often - it may help with providing a more targetted product for my audience.  
But the statcounter "code" snipper one is asked to add can't "see" or report any of the detail on a user's naviagation within the page because they have never left it!  

Now, before I get zapped - I do know that javascript should not be used to provide key functionality for a web page.  It is one of the compromises I have made in the effort to quickly get this page up and running.  

So... has anyone ever tried using a hit counter service to measure inner page navigation?  Is this even feasibe?  

Thanks in advance for any help!

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