[thelist] Browser support, drawing a pragmatic line in the sand.

Chris at globet.com Chris at globet.com
Mon May 1 11:02:05 CDT 2006


> Matt Warden wrote:
> > My point is simply that we seem to continue to think in terms of 
> > browsers instead of the people behind those browsers. IE5 
> isn't buying 
> > your client's products.


> I want to be able to do is say:
> * for price 'x' I will do the necessary work and testing and guarantee
>   (almost) identical rendering in all the Green Browsers.

I would personally be very wary of offering such assurances - the user
has ultimate control of how the browser renders the page.

> * support for Amber browsers is not guaranteed, but they 
> "should" work.
> * support for Red browsers is not included in price 'x'
> * promotion of a browser from amber to green will cost 'y'
> * promotion of a browser from red to green will cost 'z'

I would personally deal with this while you are negotiating a statement
of requirements with the client. The client tells me which browsers they
want supported, I calculate the time it will take me to produce the
required code for the required browsers, I can then multiply the hours
by my hourly rate and deliver the quote. The amount of time it will take
me to accommodate a fixed list of browsers will depend on the graphic
design, which is one reason I would personally not supply a "rate card"
for such things.

> my objective is to overcome the problems with a fixed price 
> project where the client reveals that some VIP uses IE5 on 
> Mac, but originally said it didn't matter.

If the client required no support for IE5 Mac, then they require no
support for IE5 Mac. A clear project specification should take care of
problems like this - if they want you to quote on adding support for IE5
Mac at a later date, then time permitting I would assume that you would
be happy to do so.


Just a few thoughts, in case they're of any use :)

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