[thelist] Browser support, drawing a pragmatic line in the sand.

VOLKAN ÖZÇELİK volkan.ozcelik at gmail.com
Mon May 1 11:13:30 CDT 2006

> but that offers "support" on browsers that may be uneconomic and isn't
> clear on what exactly partially supported means in laymen's terms -
> "content must work", might be interpreted as "looks the same"

Unless my client or the scope of my project requires further I give support
for the dolce trio:

Firefox, Opera and IE.

I only test on the most recent stable versions of all of them,mostly on
windows, and may be on unix ( -- and I explicitly indicate this on my
proposals and agreements -- ).

Call me a high-end futurist freak, but this helps me focus more time on
back-end stuff than trying to polish the front end GUI for say Camino or IE5

Besides I don't care whether my rendering goes a few pixels off in, IE5 Mac
or some other browser, because I give more importance and priority to
functionality than pixel-perfect similar look and feel.

Volkan Ozcelik
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