[thelist] Browser support, drawing a pragmatic line in the sand.

John Dowdell jdowdell at adobe.com
Mon May 1 13:15:31 CDT 2006

Tony Crockford wrote:
> I'm thinking I'd like to set out a once and for 
> all list that will define which browsers I will code support for and 
> what happens to the rest.
> I've been trying to put it into client friendly words and I'm 
> struggling a bit.

Maybe something like "The site has been tested as functional in all 
browsers currently used by more than 5% of the people visiting this 
site. Testing on browsers used by very few audience members visiting 
this site is possible, subject to negotiation on the fee and time 
required." Something like that, using the current server logs...?

(If a site makes ambitious use of browser abilities then I like to know 
which browsers they know fail, which they know succeed, and then I'd be 
able to guess if I visit in a browser they didn't test, cause I'd *know* 
they didn't test that one. Disclosure is a big help.)


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