[thelist] how to refer to an event that occurs on the 2nd Tue of the month (for example)

John Hicks johnlist at gulfbridge.net
Tue May 2 07:42:19 CDT 2006

Sherri Fleming wrote:
> On 5/1/06, mattias at thorslund.us <mattias at thorslund.us> wrote:
>> Yes, but the question is: "what is that form of recurrence called?"
>> I'm curious, too.
> Would it not still be considered a monthly recurrence? Montly is not
> just the 1st or the 15th etc. It can be The second Tuesday of the
> month. I ran across monthly recurrence pattern as one way of defining
> it when searching for "monthly recurrence".

I second that.

Remember we are designing a *user* interface, not a business analysts' 

A meeting that occurs on the third Wednesday of the month is a regular 
monthly meeting. Indeed most monthly events are scheduled by the day of 
the week rather than the day of the month. It would be confusing to the 
user to call one type of event "monthly" and the other something else.


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