[thelist] Networks, webservers, file servers, etc.

Richard Brown rich at cregy.co.uk
Tue May 2 10:26:55 CDT 2006

Hi Chris and everyone

On 2 May 2006, at 14:34, Chris Johnston wrote:

> Is this for a business or for something that you are running out of 
> your
> home?
Thanks for the replies. It is for business. I was thinking of buying 
one of these new boxes that contain simply a hard drive to act as a 
file server and then attach a further drive to that for backup 
purposes. I think Western Digital sell the sort of things I mean. It 
attaches to your router and is ready by Mac, Linux and Windows.

I had forgotten about the dmz - an important point. So I run a computer 
as web server from that and then have a separate box acting as a 
Firewall and then routing to the network. That means another two 
computers! As I run a small web business is it worth doing all that 

I understand what folks say about keeping everything separate and maybe 
I need to look into it further.

Thanks for the help.
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Romans 12 v 1

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