[thelist] Dreamweaver MX 2004 - finding checked out files, sorting file view

Canfield, Joel JCanfield at PacAdvantage.org
Tue May 2 16:29:04 CDT 2006

I'm now required to use DW for some maintenance on our external site. I
don't understand it, especially can't find anything in the help files.

How can I locate all checked out files? The laptop I inherited seems to
have boatloads of files checked out; marketing folks keep leaving me
late-night voicemails about unlocking their files so they can do their
emergency updates.

Also, the file view seems to be in some random order I can't suss. Is
there a way to determine how they're being sorted? Is there a way to
change it?

And if you can give me pointers on where to find this in the DW help,
maybe I'll figure that out for next time.



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