[thelist] JOB: Freelance PHP developers wanted in London, UK

Ian Anderson ian at zstudio.co.uk
Wed May 3 04:00:59 CDT 2006

Dear list,

One of my clients has an ongoing requirement for freelance PHP developers; they're based on Kensington, London.

If you have some availability over the coming weeks and months, can physically get there and you think it would be of interest, please find more information here:


This is not a full-time position. Some office time is required but much can be done remotely.

<tip type="Date calculations in PHP" author="Ian Anderson">
ASP has a useful function for date calculations - DateAdd() - which lets you subtract specified units of time from a given date and return a real date, taking account of leap years, month end, year end, and so on.

PHP doesn't have the same thing precisely, but you can do calculations on timestamps to achieve the same result with less elegance. For example:

# get the current unix timestamp 
$ts = time(); 
# figure out what 7 days is in seconds 
$one_week = 7 * 24 * 60 * 60; 
# make today's date based on current timestamp 
$today = date( "Y-m-d", $ts ); 
# make last week's date based on a past timestamp 
$one_week_ago = date( "Y-m-d", ( $ts - $one_week ) ); 
echo $one_week_ago;

(Example By Nick Bouton from http://www.zend.com/tips/tips.php?id=226&single=1)

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