[thelist] how to refer to an event that occurs on the 2nd Tue of the month (for example)

John Maliga jmaliga at pmg.tc
Wed May 3 16:45:22 CDT 2006

Perhaps the problem is your conceptualization. You boxed yourself in by 
choosing to name recurring events something other than "recurring". 
You're solving the problem with hierarchical language structures, but 
there may be a visual or haptic solution that as elegantly addresses 
users' needs.


On May 2, 2006, at 7:05 AM, Sarah Adams wrote:

> All of your suggestions are appreciated, but I didn't see any that
> couldn't also describe one of the other types of event recurrence,
> unfortunately. Sounds like know one else knows what this type of
> recurrence should be called either :) I think I'm going to go with 
> this:
> - every day
> - weekly, e.g. every Tuesday
> - monthly (by day and week of month), e.g. the 2nd Monday of every 
> month
> - monthly (by day of month), e.g. the 15th of every month
> (I think this is a great opportunity for some clever person to make up 
> a
> brand new word!)
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