[thelist] mysqldump syntax error?

Canfield, Joel JCanfield at PacAdvantage.org
Wed May 3 17:32:56 CDT 2006

> Are you running this as a user with the mysql> command line interface?
> mysqldump is a standalone (for a shell script call, or a .bat file on
> Windows) and shouldn't be running inside the MySQL CLI itself.




I'll go do that now. 

This is, of course, my punishment for running it on Windows instead of
*nix. Looking at the docs online, it clearly shows it being run from
this prompt

    shell> mysqldump --islaughingatyounow youdoofus

which, if my brain worked, would mean the Windows command line
interpreter. That used-to-be-DOS thing. On *nix, that prompt would have
been self-evident.

Reminds me somehow of the story, probably urban legend, of a translating
program written during the cold war. The programmers tested it by asking
it to tranlate "The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak" into
Russian, and then, because they couldn't read Russian, asked it to
translate it back to English, whereupon it spat out "The booze is good
but the meat went bad."

Thanks so much for all the responses. I'm really working on getting my
open source toolkit up to speed, but I'm gonna have to read closer and
think harder.


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