[thelist] how to tell if php login functionality uses pear

Sarah Adams mrsanders at designshift.com
Thu May 4 12:01:34 CDT 2006

I'm trying to make a small fix to a client's site, which was programmed 
partly by the client and partly by an ex-colleague of mine. I'm trying 
to determine if the login functionality is using cookies. Based on a 
simple search for "cookie" in the files in the site, it isn't, but since 
it appears to be using a PEAR package (not even sure if this is the 
right term), I really don't know if my search for "cookie" is 
sufficient. So my question is, how can I tell for sure if the site is 
using a PEAR package (and which package)?

sarah adams
web developer & programmer
portfolio: http://sarah.designshift.com
blog: http://hardedge.ca

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