[thelist] Searching for Web Development Talent!!

bruce bedouglas at earthlink.net
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If as you imply, one can really only bring together the forces to create a
startup if you already know the people, or if you're funded, then I would
posit that more people want to talk, than actually go after the dream...

And as I stated, if you're funded, then you're not really looking to put
together a team, you're looking to hire.. completely different animal...


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> we're looking to create a couple of applications...
> we're ... trying to figure out how we can find a few web guys who
> are looking to join/create a start up. ... we'not FUNDED!!!  This
> would be a pure startup..

1. Real talent usually expects real money.  Maybe you should focus on
   getting "FUNDED!!!".
2. The kind of partnership you are looking for is usually made up of
   people who already know each other.
6. You tell us nothing about what you're trying to do, or where.
4. The right guy for you just might be a gal.
9. Never even consider hiring someone who cannot count.  * d/r *
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