[thelist] Flash sound question/problem

Bruce Gilbert webguync at gmail.com
Thu May 4 17:12:26 CDT 2006

I hope there are some Flash experts in this group.

Here is my situation:

I have a multi-layered .FLA file with an mp3 movie in a separate layer which
works fine except when I got the play movie again button, there is no music.
I have the play again set as a button with the AS:

on (release) {

the play again works fine, but doesn't contain the sound.

the soundis set to start at frame one. The only thing I can think of that
may be causing the problem is I have the button with the play again script
set as a button laying over a graphic and again the sound is in a separate
layer. I inherited this fiel and am just trying to add to it. There are all
kinds of mask, movie clips and graphic going on.

Is there a way to solve this, and I am doing something wrong???

thanks in advance,


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