[thelist] Flash sound question/problem

John Dowdell jdowdell at adobe.com
Thu May 4 17:22:59 CDT 2006

Bruce Gilbert wrote:
> works fine except when I got the play movie again button, there is no music.

I'm better at answering questions than at debugging stuff I can't see, 
but for "How might I not have a sound play?" then possibilities include 
but are not limited to: dynamically loaded sound which is not yet 
available; some other source contending for sound channels; sound is 
requested while file is still initializing ("frame 1" mention); some 
type of odd coding in the original file ("i inherited this file" 
mention); could be a lot more.

For "How to troubleshoot?" then the usual first step is "simplify"... 
make sure this nested SWF plays fine on its own before putting it inside 
the other SWFs you inherited, check the audio on its own, etc... finding 
the difference that makes a difference usually makes finding the 
underlying cause much easier.

Sorry I can't nail it Kreskinishly from here, but does the above provide 
a possible path forward to your goals...?


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