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Fri May 5 03:41:59 CDT 2006

For those who don't have time to read a childhood story:

If you are interested in my childhood you may continue reading...

Once upon a time when I was a child, I used to watch origami lessons on TV.
(with my paper and other necessary stuff to help me fold the paper ready on
my desk, a few meters away from the TV where I can watch and imitate

The teacher will start telling the audience (yes one of them is me) how to
fold it in detail and then he will say something like

"But actually, we have limited time, you can practice at home, we won't do
this step since we had already done it beforehand for your convenience. Here
is the completed version at step 2.." (the camera zooms to a semi-folded
paper while I am struggling to fold the god damn paper helplessly)

Then step 2 comes
"Well kids, since we have limited time we will not dive into folding
details; here is the already done version of step 3) (the camera zooms to a
brand new folded paper which is a more progressed version of step 2 -- While
I am crying in tears why on earth I cannot fold even the first step :) )

This goes to step 4, 5... and the teacher on the TV finally shows the final
result (which has already been constructed beforehand as well)

... Sorry for the long story.

I think this link will help:


We don't do it, cuz we have a plenty of menus that have been done already :)

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