[thelist] how to refer to an event that occurs on the 2nd Tue of the month (for example)

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Fri May 5 08:53:08 CDT 2006

John Hicks noted:

>>Indeed, the only monthly events that occur by day of the month that 
>>I can think of are certain paydays and certain tax payments.

Hi John,

I would add 'bills' to your list of monthly events.  Pretty much any
revolving charge 
card has a fixed billing date (e.g. 8th of the month).  [1] Likewise for
loan repayments; 
home mortgage, car note, boat note, apartment and other rents, etc.

Because of that, I would suggest instead, that more people are familiar
with having 
a car note due on the xth of the month than having a 'standing meeting'
on the 2nd 
Tuesday of the month.

Now, understandably, we've got a lot of 'IT' folks here and they have
more familiarity 
with all kinds of odd schedules:

* Kicking off payroll runs on the 1st and 15th.
* Scheduling the weekly backups for 3am every Sunday.
* Scheduling the daily extracts for midnight, uh, daily I suppose.  ;-P
* Scheduling the 'Accounting close' processes to run on the 3rd weekday
of every month. 
(Which is different than the 3rd of the month.  Next month, for example,
the 3rd workday 
is the 5th of June.)
* Scheduling the various 'billing cycle' runs to get those utility
company bills in the mail. 
* Etc.

The real fun, (in some people's twisted imagination anyway), comes in
when you start 
playing with scheduling against a 'shop calendar'!  (That's where you
run into the 
wonderful joy of saying counter-intuitive things like "Oh yeah, the last
week of 
April starts on the 8th of May this year!")

Personally, I don't see any big need to create names for these different
kinds of 



[1] I used to know a guy, (an internal auditor), that used to carry 24
credit cards in his wallet.  Every single one of them with a different
date.  When he made a purchase he would choose the appropriate card and
get an 
extra couple of weeks of 'float' on his money.  Seems excessive to me,
but it 
does show that you can 'game' the system.

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