[thelist] NS 7.1 Annoyance

sobr at gmx.com sobr at gmx.com
Fri May 5 09:56:57 CDT 2006

Dear Members,

I think this is a bug, but I'm not sure.

A table with a few 'tr' elements is positioned inside a div box that has a
absolute width and height. (style: height: XXpx; widht: XXpx;
clip:rect(23px,300px,400px,5px) )

each tr element contains several td elements with mixed data.
one cell has a simple 'a' tag that looks like this:

<a href="./gwerger/grger/gegw;id=6456535623423" target="_blank">aaa</a>


If the scrollbar on that page is NOT at the very bottom, this link won't
work. the scrollbar/page will jump to the bottom on first click. Clicking a
second time loads the href, but not in the definded '_ blank' window, but in
it's parent.

In case I scroll to the bottom BEFORE I try to click the link and the outer
scrollbar is at the end of the page, the href tag works fine.

If you are able to use Netscape 7.1 please feel free to check if you can
reproduce that bug. (http://www.xworld2000.de/ns71.html)

The Div's set around the table with id="datacontainer" serve as a
box/container setup for a scroll-js (this js scrolling is a special customer

Is there a major NN Bug Database or some information that points to a NN7.1
bug in that case ?

Thank you,

Felix B.


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