[thelist] The Perfect Web Server - An elusive Search

April april at farstrider.org
Fri May 5 20:33:26 CDT 2006

I want to fourth everyone elses' misgivings.  If you need to ask this 
question, I just don't see how this can end up being more reliable and 
cheaper than a third party solution.  I'm all for hands on learning, but 
I strongly advise you try it out as a "random extra sites and weird 
projects" server before trying it on paying clients.  Perhaps you should 
be evaluating your host?  Your requirements weren't insane... you should 
be able to get hosting for little more than you would pay for a beefed 
up net connection in-house.  The biggest reason I've known companies to 
*need* in-house servers is so they can produce highly custom web-apps 
that rely on dark mojos and sys admin tears to keep stable, but since 
you're hoping to administer it with a webmin type interface that sounds 
like the opposite of what you want.

Jose Hurtado wrote:
> Fellows,

> Your input or ideas on choosing among those OSes will be greatly
> appreciated!
> Jose L. Hurtado
> Web Designer / IT Professional
> Toronto, Canada

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