[thelist] The Perfect Web Server - An elusive Search (Mark Groen)

Jose Hurtado jlhurtado at gmail.com
Sat May 6 15:21:45 CDT 2006

First, thanks for all the posts and suggestions.  Unfortunately no post went
into the details of each server from a technical perspective... also many
interpreted that my interest in a usable GUI for administration meant I did
not know the command line at all.  That is just not the case, I am
comfortable with it, but not an expert.

After googling this all over the net, I did reach an answer, which I share
with the group:

- Technically speaking, Solaris 10 is the best possible server you could
get, it is superior in the filesystem, overall reliability, security at the
kernel and process level, and a long, long etc.  But it will demand training
and the community support is limited if you compare it to Linux.  Driver
support for Intel boxes is also somehow limited. The server OS itself is
however, rock solid.

- Red Hat ES or AS have very little more than what is already included in
the latest Fedora Core Linux.  So, for the most part they are not really
worth the extra money.  CentOS is particularly appealing because it takes
everything that Red Hat has now, and releases it in one free distribution,
suited as a server the way RHES or RHAS is, but free.

- Novell Enterprise Suse Linux is really good, with a lot of value added
features in the remote administration and day to day management of the
server.  Their Linux is also remarkably good and affordable.

The deciding factor for Linux is the huge community support around it, and
the overall momemtum in the Linux Open Source community.

So far, I plan to personally install and evaluate Novell Entreprise Suse
Linux and CentOS.  No decision yet, but at least I narrowed the choice

Thanks Mark, Ken, April and eveyone for their suggestions.  Have a great
weekend you all!

Best Regards,

Jose L. Hurtado
Web Designer / IT Professional
Toronto, Canada

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