[thelist] The Perfect Web Server - An elusive Search (MarkGroen)

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:  - Technically speaking, Solaris 10 is the best possible server you
:  could get,

There is no empirical measure by which you can come to this conclusion.

:  it is superior in the filesystem, overall reliability, security
:  at the kernel and process level, and a long, long etc.

Funny, because many people say the same thing about OpenBSD. Or about z/OS

There is no single OS that is manifestly superior to all other OSes across
all possible workloads. Solaris won't even run on a System z9 system AFAIK.

I have no idea where you got this information from, but let me tell you it is
incorrect. Completely.

:  - Red Hat ES or AS have very little more than what is already included
:  in the latest Fedora Core Linux.

These two distributions are aimed at completely different markets. Red Hat
ES/AS are aimed at the corporate market, where support and stability and
application certification are important. Fedora Core is more aimed at the
SOHO/enthusiast market where new features are more important, but
support/stability are not.

I think there are a number of misconceptions/inaccuracies in your summary.
Unless you can further clarify what it is that you are trying to do (i.e.
there are requirements/assumptions that we don't know about that are guiding
you to your decisions), I suggest that you undertake further research.


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