[thelist] Vector EPS from Paint Shop Pro?

Brooking, John John.Brooking at sappi.com
Tue May 9 20:57:56 CDT 2006

Help! My wife and I, in our little mom-and-pop web and graphic design sideline, have run into a requirement from a client that we don't know how to fulfill. We did a website[0], using Paint Shop Pro 9.01 for all the graphics, and the graphics came out pretty well for use in a website. We have also been providing various permutations of the graphics for their other marketing info, such as brochures and cards.

Now, a sign company needs an image as a vector EPS from us, and we are just realizing that when Paint Shop Pro says output to EPS, it comes out as just a big raster. I understand that Paint Shop and Photoshop are primarily raster programs, so that makes some sense. However, Paint Shop does provide for vector LAYERS, and all of the layers of the file we are trying to output ARE vector layers (except the background), so I find it a little hard to believe that there is no way to convert Paint Shop Pro's internal vectors into vectors in an EPS file. I tried a program that purported to turn raster images into vectors, but since the input raster image was already anti-aliased, it just traced a bunch of wobbly lines, which is not acceptable quality.

So what are our options?
  * Some Paint Shop Pro plug-in?
  * Will Photoshop do this, or a Photoshop plug-in?
  * Redo the whole thing from scratch in a vector graphics program?
  * Any others?
[0] http://www.MaineSailingAdventures.net/

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