[thelist] UL Element, Bottom margin and links contained within...

Anthony Baratta anthony at baratta.com
Wed May 17 08:53:23 CDT 2006


I've been playing with making menus using UL and LI's. It's looking "fabulous", but I have one last thing that is driving me bonkers. When I set the bottom margin of the UL to be zero, the links "collapse" in IE. Mozilla is fine.

To be more descriptive, as long as the margin for the UL element is default, the links embeded in the LI elements work on any part of the text surrounded by the A tag. When I remove the bottom margin, the "hoverable" area over the text shrinks also, and is only about 2 pixel in height right at the very top of the text.

There are two UL elements, a MainTab and a SubTab. Obviously MainTab "sits" on top of SubTab. When I reverse the two elements and their children, so SubTab is above MainTab, the hoverable area is not collapsed. Also, if I remove the SubTab "group" everything is hunky-dory. So it appears that SubTab is interfering with the MainTab in some way - but I'm not sure how. SubTab's margins are also set to 0.

I can't figure out why. Anyone ever seen this before?? I can post code via email, but I don't have FTP access here in the office to post it to the web. (Stupid firewall.)

Thanks in advance.

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