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Jono jono at charlestonwebsolutions.com
Wed May 17 22:47:14 CDT 2006

> Surely if you want decent search functionality these days you buy a 3rd party
> product that supports stemming (and other lexicography terms I don't even
> know), so that searches for "swim" would also returns pages that have "swum",
> but would possibly return "swan" but at a much lower rating. Simply matching,
> or catering for "mis-spellings" via simple algorithms is surely so "1990s"
> search technology?
> Cheers

Anyone recommend a 3rd party search that is reasonable priced with the
features mentioned above?  Preferably PHP based and customizable with out
programming experience.  What is the "Industry Standard" 3rd party search
tool?  Is there one?

I have been tinkering with Gr0w Search, which is easy to set up, and
customize through CSS, and also has a Sitemap feature that is pretty nifty.
The best part about Gr0w Search is that it is VERY easy to set up...although
I did have some trouble that I eventually resolved.

Gr0w Search costs 1 pound - $1.83 (I think) - when I purchased it a month or
two ago.  For that price is is great, and I suspect that anyone with a good
PHP background could really improve upon it.  If nothing else it is a great
base to work from.

IF there is anyone who uses Gr0w Search and has customized it/improved it,
I would love to hear about that, as I am not much of a PHP programmer...yet.
I tried to post to the  Gr0w site but they deleted the post?

Gr0w Search:

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