[thelist] Yet another "What CMS" thread...

Stephanie Leary s-leary at tamu.edu
Thu May 18 16:02:49 CDT 2006

Christy Collins wrote:
> Expression Engine allows you to construct your own entry forms,
> outside of the control panel.  Highly recommended - but my experience
> is that it has a bit of a learning curve for the developer.  Probably
> the case with any CMS.
> http://www.pmachine.com

Good suggestion. EE seems very flexible, and its template syntax is similar
enough to most blogs' that I figured it out pretty quickly.

WordPress still might work, if you edit the default options to turn off
comments and trackbacks. There are several plugins to allow a static home
page. I hear the Semiologic plugins turn WP into a more robust CMS, but I
haven't played with it myself:

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