[thelist] Yet another "What CMS" thread...

Raoul Snyman raoul.snyman at saturnlaboratories.co.za
Thu May 18 16:37:01 CDT 2006

Brian Cummiskey wrote:
> I loaded Drupal last night, and started messing around with it.  I like 
> it, but I REALLY think the admin interface will be way over this guy's 
> head.  It took ME a couple min to figure out how to do some stuff.  I 
> can't imagine him working this well and end up deleting or messing it 
> all up.  Plus, I was kinda frustrated that they use a table for the 
> markup.  I'd like to stay with a CSS-based design CMS.

Can I suggest you use Drupal? The new version, 4.7.0 has just come out,
and by default it uses the PHPTemplate theme engine, which most people
write standards compliant designs for. Or you can do your own template,
which is actually not that difficult.

Also, you can set up a role for your client, so that when he logs in, he
only sees links to what he needs to. Install the TinyMCE and Image
modules, to make image uploading and page editing easier for him, and
then perhaps the e-commerce module set, and tweak it a bit...

Take a good browse of the modules page, it's well worth spending half an
hour or so reading through the different modules and seeing what
functionality they add to Drupal.


Raoul Snyman.

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