[thelist] irc listener in java needs commandline 2 connect to Bitlbee

Info@internetvraagbaak.nl info at internetvraagbaak.nl
Fri May 19 03:58:59 CDT 2006

Hi all,

Is there a Java programmer on the list who would like ot have a look and
maybe do the "job" on the existing
irclistener for ProgramD4.6final. A completely Opensource aiml engine. (
aiml: artificial intelligence markup language ).
AIML is a well known an widely used chatterbot language with it's home base
at: www.alicebot.org.

ProgramD4.6Final is not a Fork or something from the original programD that
always had it place at alicebot.org.....
BUT is nowadays maintained by a single programmer who has the website:
www.aitools.org .
Where you can also find info on the current listener. ALL is written in JAVA
using the latest java sdk/jdk.

Right now the listener can connect to an irc channel and recieve messages
from users in a channel, send it to the
programD chatterbot application and send the result back ( answer as we are
talking with a chatterbot here :) )

The latest irclistener lacks only one thing really: the ability to make it
possible to send commandline commands within the console of programD. BUT as
far as i can see: there is no need to do something with the application
itself.. only the listener!! AS was before!

We need the commandline capabilities to connect to an IRC 2 IM gateway
application called Bitlbee: www.bitlbee.org .
THIS makes it far better to be able to have the chatterbot on various IM
Networks without the need to keep trakc of ALL the different protocols and
changes in it. ( icq, msn, jabber, irc, yahoo, aol. )

The application: programD is used by many, many chatterbot developers,
hobby-ist and others.
The community would be very gratefull if someone would take on this job...

An older version of the irclistener DID have commandline capabilities ...
that might be helpfull. But nowadays the listener is based on a different
irc java package. (( have a look at : http://aitools.org/IRC_Listener ))

ALL wil be published GPL and therefore free for all!  ALL credits for this
adapted IRClistener will be yours ofcourse!
Maybe i can come with a little present as a token of my/our appreciations
for taking this on.

Many, many thanks from the aiml community.


for Questions and files you can always email me at:
jeroen at internetvraagbaak.nl

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