[thelist] official list of countries (that people live in)

Mattias Thorslund mattias at thorslund.us
Fri May 19 22:13:17 CDT 2006

M. Seyon wrote:
> Message from Sarah Adams (5/18/2006 05:19 PM)
>> I'm looking for an "official" list of countries to use in a web app.
> I kinda like the idea of leaving the address field free form and allowing 
> people to input their address in one text box.
> That eliminates the country selection issue and other undesirable 
> "features" of many multi-field forms (eg, zipcodes are not a global 
> phenomenon, nor are States/Provinces).
> Of course I am assuming that you're asking the question with an address 
> form in mind.

You know, it's strange that we aren't already all using some magic
utility that localizes the format of address forms according to the
country.  Instead we are forcing everyone to type their address into a
sort-of US format, letting them figure out what part of their address
goes where. Sometimes, strict validation according to "US format" will
make it eniterly impossible to enter international addresses.

Last time I researched mailing address formats around the world, it was
even hard to find a semi-complete list of formats.


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