[thelist] browser snapshots

mylittleaccount at googlemail.com mylittleaccount at googlemail.com
Wed May 24 11:21:14 CDT 2006

Hi Dan,

Dan McCullough wrote:
> I'm looking for a free service that will take screen shots of how
> websites act in different browsers, I have seen a few around but I
> think they charge.  Even a trial would work.
> Anyone have suggestions?

other services i know of besides http://www.browsercam.com:
(they are far not that comfortable to use and don't provide that range
of functions)

http://fundisom.com/g5/ ("Safari Screenshot Generator")

http://www.danvine.com/icapture/ (Safari again)


http://www.browserama.de (German service, didn't try it out)

maybe also:
https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/526/ ("Small Screen Renderer" -
Firefox Extension)

General tip:
Use anchors if you want to see a particular part of a page, like
<div id="footer> (and then http://website.com/page.html#footer )


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