[thelist] Firefox, layers, form elements are showing through....

Anthony Baratta anthony at baratta.com
Mon Jun 5 13:16:19 CDT 2006

>    I looked through some of your source, and I haven't bothered downloading all your JS files (are you using script from WaMu in there?) but I wonder if there's something weird in the popup code... how exactly are you showing and populating the detail div?
>    Also -- and this is just a stab in the dark -- what happens if you remove the DTD statement from the page?

I'm working for WaMu right now, hence some of the file names. I've been hacking and whacking existing code here for software enhancements and have to work with what they've got.

Funny thing about the DTD, that's one thing I've force on them in order to get a cleaner response from the browsers. Keeps the quirks down to a minimum - mostly. ;-)

The hidden divs are all part of the HTML. They are written when the check boxes and title text are written, so the hidden divs are not created on the fly - just the position is calcualted based on mouse location and browser window size and they are made visible. Pretty straight forward. The original code used a dynweb script originally for "menus", and I thought that the tooltip script would work better. But both scripts show the same behaviour - e.g. the bleed through.

I'm going to have to strip this down the bare essentials and see if I can replicate it with minimal code. Argh.

If I find anything, I'll post it.

Thanks for confirming what I've found so far.

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