[thelist] PHP file association

April april at farstrider.org
Mon Jun 5 15:04:31 CDT 2006

Is this server local or hosting to the outside world?  One simple thing 
to try would be giving out the URL and seeing if someone else gets the 
same problem.

It sounds like a problem with your webserver and PHP.  If you're using 
Apache, this might help: 
  The problem sounds slightly different but I'm betting it's a similar 
solution.  Assuming this is a local Windows/apache/php install, you 
might want to just uninstall and reinstall (don't forget to backup 
stuff).  You'll never know exactly what went wrong but it might be 
faster. ;)

John DeStefano wrote:
> Hi Jules and Ken,
> The DW associations you mentioned are simple enough to find (), and
> they do indeed appear to be exactly as I left them: with no direct
> file type associations to DW.  In fact, as I mentioned last week, my
> Windows association for .PHP files now appears linked to PHPEdit, not
> DW.  Yet it was the installation of DW that seemed to coincide with
> this odd behavior in PHP files.
> An added twist: I found that if I drag a local copy of the file into a
> browser, it renders and views just fine inside the browser, but
> attempts to view the page from my server results in a download dialog
> box.
> This made me wonder whether PHP was actually working on the server,
> but a simple phpinfo() spit back most the expected results, although
> it seems there are now some "missing" libraries (GD, ImageMagik, PDF);
> please see attached log if interested.  Could my "association" error
> be in actuality a PHP server library error?  Would this occur even
> when the missing libraries are not being called into play?
> Thanks,
> ~John

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