[thelist] PHP server on FreeBSD

John DeStefano john.destefano at gmail.com
Tue Jun 6 07:22:51 CDT 2006

[was: PHP file association]

Thanks to Jules, Ken, and April, I determined that my problem was in
fact a server-side issue: it seems that PHP and its extensions had not
been properly recompiled during a FreeBSD upgrade from 5.4 to 6.1
(actually, a change in PHP packaging versions requires it to be
recompiled with a new APACHE config directive in order to function
properly).  So I deinstalled both PHP and its extensions, configured
both, and reinstalled both, and now they seem to be running smoothly.
In addition, I made some Apache configuration updates, and just about
anything else I could think of to get things working (more detail
here: http://www.thedestefanos.com/weblog/archives/2006/06/php_goes_awol_1.html).

However, even after all of this, and although things seem completely
error-free on my server, my initial problem has not changed: when I
attempt to view any of the PHP pages on my server from a browser, I'm
still prompted to download them, instead of having them just render
and display in the browser.  And if I view a local copy of the file on
my workstation machine (which also has PHP installed), the page
renders and displays perfectly... so it must still be a server issue.

Any ideas?  I'd be glad to give any additional detail necessary.


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