[thelist] Linking to CSS files (not) within the BODY element

April april at farstrider.org
Wed Jun 7 01:22:52 CDT 2006

Ideally in your scripting language of choice, whatever you're using to 
include the header and banner, you should be able to set a variable and 
read it inside the header.

Language ambiguous example:
variable = "extra css please"
include header

and in the header
if variable == "extra css please"
print "Extra css link"

Stefan Schwarzer wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a rather complex web site. I have a standard header and  
> banner, which loads as well a couple of css/js files which are common  
> for all pages. But I have a few pages which need additional files. As  
> the css/js links should appear in the HEAD section, I wonder how this  
> should be accomplished then. In the moment I just insert the css/js  
> includes somewhere in the BODY section. It works, but it's not  
> correct XHTML. As I am willing to follow the standards, I would like  
> to change the situation, but I don't know how.
> Can anyone help me out here?
> Thanks a lot!

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