[thelist] What's a good newbie CSS List?

Pringle, Ron RPringle at aurora-il.org
Wed Jun 7 10:13:44 CDT 2006


CSS-D is definitely the place you want to be then. I would recommend
exactly what you are doing; lurk for a while to get the lay of the land
and learn from other's posts.

I learned CSS solely from being on that list. I ended up buying two
reference books later on just for offline reference, but honestly, some
information about how CSS is handled by particular browsers and what
best practices are for implementation can only be learned by being a
part of a knowledgeable community like CSS-D.

If you're anything like me, when I first joined, I felt compelled to
read every message and it did indeed help me immensely. Nowadays, I find
myself skipping over 80% of the posts and just chiming in on the ones I
know I can help with.


p.s. to search the CSS-D archives, check out this page on the WIKI:


Deb wrote:
> Let me explain a bit further -
> I am not a total newbie at CSS - I use it but I need help in 
> why what I am
> doing doesn't work 
> I just subscribed to css-discuss and I must admit it is a bit 
> intimidating.
> After reading their posting policy I immediately went to the 
> archives to do
> some searches and I cannot find a way to search across 
> months.  Doesn't seem
> to be a way; however, they certainly recommend searching 
> before posting (as
> well they should!).  I can see lurking on this list to pick 
> up pointers -
> but not to post at least for now.
> Deb P. 

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