[thelist] arguments pro css & xhtml / con tables

Robert O'Rourke rob at sanchothefat.com
Wed Jun 7 19:15:07 CDT 2006

Bob Meetin wrote:
> I converted to developing with CSS, making pages xhtml compliant, 
> avoiding tables wherever possible about a year ago.  Works for me.
> Just really curious though, what are some of the arguments or reasoning 
> that others use when discussing with clients why these things are either 
> important or critical?  How do you answer the "So what?"  It is fine to 
> point me to any sites that support this, answers the questions.
> speed? ease of update (primary CSS stylesheet), less convoluted pages, 
> SEO, accessibilty, future standards, etc?
> -Bob
Hi Bob,

    All of those are valid reasons but the main thing you need to 
stipulate to them is the fact that using table based layouts these days 
is tantamount to them saying 'we don't care about disabled users'. 
Seeing as how accessibility is gaining more and more recognition it 
won't be long before companies that don't make considerations for 
disabled users using screen-readers or text only browsers or have the 
text-size massively increased etc... will be facing discrimination 
lawsuits. To me its as simple as being considerate to as many potential 
visitors to the site as possible.

    The keyword (or buzzword) here is accessibility, there's a mountain 
of information about it on the web. I'd suggest you start with a few 
google searches of that word.

    Rob O

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