[thelist] [ANNC] London Web Standards Group Meetup

Christian Heilmann codepo8 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 8 05:58:10 CDT 2006

Stuart Colville of Muffinresearch has organised the first Web
Standards Group London Meetup and I was asked to give a presentation
on "something about modern JavaScript". He also asked Andy Budd to
talk about "something about CSS and web standards".

Hence I pondered and came up with the idea to hold a concept/idea/tips
and tricks session about "Maintainable JavaScript". This means I'll
talk about how to create JavaScript that will not come back to you for
maintenance but make it easy for colleagues, clients and other third
parties to change the look and feel and even the content of your
scripting solutions.

The meetup is happening on 14th of July, costs £4.50 for non-WSG
members (free for the others) and starts at 7 at City University in
Islington, London, UK.

All the info at: http://muffinresearch.co.uk/wsg/

See you there, or on your ipod afterwards,

Chris Heilmann
Blog: http://www.wait-till-i.com
Writing: http://icant.co.uk/
Binaries: http://www.onlinetools.org/

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