[thelist] Default Doc type

Birdie bird at koolfish.com
Fri Jun 9 10:38:09 CDT 2006

Thanks, I understand about 'should' :)
So if most of my pages are HTML is it better to use HTML 4 or xhtml 1 ? I am
not really using XML at the moment.


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Birdie wrote:

> What doc type should I be using if I am making general run of the mill, no
> fancy stuff HTML and SHTML files?

SHOULD is not set in stone.

Whether its html 4, or xhtml 1, I suggest using strict.  Transitional 
and/or loose are sloppy (in general).

> And what about if I have PHP pages, does this change what doc type I
> be using ? I am a bit confused as to which doc types I should be using
> and where.

PHP renders HTML.  the doctype is the same.

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