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Peter L. Sc hlueter peter.schlueter at pcadvocates.com
Sat Jun 10 13:52:52 CDT 2006

I have a client who wants to put a link to his Power Point presentation on
his site. I've Googled for info and I have used OpenOffice's Impress to
convert from PP to html and I have used PowerPoint itself to convert the
presentation to html. Neither seems to work well.  My client used a MS Tool
called MS Producer and ftp'd it to a test site, but I have questions about
that tool as well. MS Producer appears to be free to "legal" possessors of
MS Office, but they have to have validation done by MS before the download
will proceed.
I checked the archive, and found little or nothing on MS Producer and many
of the articles on PPT to HTML are somewhat dated, but I am going to try to
ppt to pdf route, since my clients ppt is not very complex. However, in the
future he would like to add sound and animation.
	1. Any good resources on the Power Point to Web conversion?
	2. Pros and Cons on the MS Producer tool.
		A. Is MS Producer only available to those who have MS Office?
		B. If A=true, doesn't that eliminate a large number of potential viewers?
	3. Anyone on the list have any experience with MS Producer?
	4. Would it better to convert PP to FLash?
		A. Any tools for this besides OO's Impress?
		B. Client is reluctant to pay for remaking the presentatin from scratch in

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