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: However, in the future he would like to add sound and animation.
:  	1. Any good resources on the Power Point to Web conversion?
:  	2. Pros and Cons on the MS Producer tool.
:  		A. Is MS Producer only available to those who have MS
:  Office?
:  		B. If A=true, doesn't that eliminate a large number of
:  potential viewers?

Microsoft Producer is only required to produce the output.

Your question is answered here:
under the question:
"What software do I need to play back Producer 2003 presentations?"

More information on Producer is available here:

:  	3. Anyone on the list have any experience with MS Producer?

I have seen presentations produced with Producer. You lose most of the
Powerpoint animations, however it does provide synchronization between audio,
video and PPT. It works as advertised


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