[thelist] site check [Was Re: IE5.5 css transparency]

joe list at menticulture.com
Mon Jun 12 12:39:27 CDT 2006

>>Am I right in thinking that IE5.5+ supports the following css extension?
>Yes and no. See:
Thanks Brent

I've failed miserably in getting a standalone IE5.5  to run with any 
transparency here. 

Could anyone with a spare minute who is able please check this out, and 
confirm what the results on PC / IE 5.5 are?


It displays as expected in Firefox, Safari, IE 6, Opera 8,  PC and Mac.  
On PC / IE 5.5 it should (in theory) look the same.  On PC / IE 5.0 it 
should have flat colour instead of transparency.  Mac / IE 5.0 and old 
Netscapes should (currently) die horribly.

Again, TIA


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