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Tue Jun 20 07:53:13 CDT 2006

Message from dwain.alford at gmail.com (6/20/2006 04:32 AM)

>Asif Suria wrote:
> > I figured I would throw in a SEO question as well. So
> > here goes, "Is the duplicate content penalty a myth or
> > a fact?"
> >
>if you spammed yourself out of existence, which sounds like what you may
>have done, you may be able to redeem yourself with the google god, by
>reformatting your keywords in the meta data and your content.

Keywords in meta data?

Hang on I thought it was generally accepted that google doesn't pay much 
attention to this any more?

Ohh keywords in meta data AND content, well that makes a huge difference then.

*Really beginning to wonder if this SEO thing is really nothing more than 
hit or miss "best practices" devised by people who think they've figured 
out a way to gyp the system, albeit temporarily*

>try "artist kdd" as key words and see if http://studiokdd
>doesn't come up #1.

Ok, but how common a search term is that? What is an "artist kdd" anyways? 
How's your ranking going if I search for just "kdd" alone? Methinks it 
would be a bit tougher to get a term like "investment newsletter" to number 
one, or even onto the first page.


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