[thelist] Site copied

Tony Crockford tonyc at boldfish.co.uk
Fri Jun 23 00:20:39 CDT 2006

Mark Groen wrote:
>>>> this site: http://www.ligowo.pl/
>>>> appears to have scraped my code from: http://www.bclm.co.uk
>>>> it seems that this: http://www.ligowo.pl/mint/index3298.html
>>>> is still calling for content from the bclm site, so they're stealing
>>>> my bandwidth as well as my code. and possibly messing up my "mint"
>>>> stats too!
> I'm assume you are seeing referrers in your server logs to know the name
> of that page.

What's actually happening is that the scraper they used actually 
converted the index.php of my mint[1] installation to an html file 
full of javascript, but the server he's using is parsing all files as 
php and the call to the htm is with a ?js  so what's happening is hits 
on a couple of his pages *were*[2] being recorded as hits on my site.

net result I have had to disable my Mint stats collection.

his actions have broken my site functionality and are costing me money.

[1] Mint, by the way, is an excellent website analytics tool and can 
be found here:
Mint: A Fresh Look at Your Site

[2] I have had to disable it.

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