[thelist] Site copied by pirates [not really]

Damon Birch damon at 3dl.ltd.uk
Fri Jun 23 03:33:01 CDT 2006

>as it is I've a great deal of work to find a way round their 
>disturbance on my clients site...

I have been just lurking and reading this thread as I have had a lot of work
to do but I think after all the toing and froing this is the centre of the
problem. Although none of us can stop html / javascript / css being used /
stolen, the fact is it has affected the site it came from and has taken Tony
time to sort it out.

We all have learned by looking at others code and asking questions on forums
but just taking and using code in this way is wrong, especially if you
obviously have no idea about what it is doing


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