[thelist] Firefox doesn't wrap long email addresses?

Christy Collins ccollins at loudjoy.com
Tue Jun 27 10:35:42 CDT 2006

On Jun 27, 2006, at 7:13 AM, Christian Heilmann wrote:

>> Well it's a fact of life, unfortunately :)
>> "john-c-doe-is-my-email-address at example.email.com" is a single  
>> word and it
>> is "unbreakable".
>> just like "johncdoeismyemailaddressexampleemailcom" is.
>> It will not wrap because firefox (or any browser that renders the box
>> "properly" --which means anything but MSIE--) cannot wrap it. It  
>> cannot
>> simply find where to break the word and displays the word as a whole.
>> You can
>> 1. either increase the width of the container div
>> 2. or add and "overflow" attribute to the css class of the div.
> or force cutting down on size with scripting:
> http://onlinetools.org/tools/shortlinks/

Christian - I referred someone to this script recently and couldn't  
find it on your home page - fished around my bookmarks to find it -  
was wondering if it was somehow "obsolete, unsupported, or rubbish"?


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